loving faux bois

Rustic and natural, yet very very elegant. And fun. Faux bois is French for false wood. This pattern, like any animal print, works with every style, and every room can benefit from a little bit of it. Or a lot. You can get your ongoing faux bois fix at It's (K)not Wood.

What inspired this post was a rug, sadly no longer available, my sister spotted on super clearance at Pottery Barn and had the presence of mind to pick up. It now lives in her laundry room of all places, but what a fabulous room it is, thanks to the awesome pattern on the ground.

Please Pottery Barn, bring back this rug! An alternative, for now, are Martha Stewart's faux boix Flor tiles. They are a fine version but don't have the deep pile and bolder graphic pattern of the PB style.

Martha looooves faux bois. She'll show you how to do it yourself on a piece of furniture (how-to here) or if you are so inclined, on your own wrapping paper (how-to here).

This awesome doormat was spotted on design*sponge a while back, again from Pottery Barn, and also no longer available. Grrr.

You can get faux bois up off the floor with these cool pendants found here.

Or surround yourself with it. This is a cool horizontal application of faux bois wallpaper in a Karen Mann bedroom.

It's time for me to get shopping, or crafting. One of these things, probably the Martha Flor tiles, needs to find a home in my home soon.

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