i like to lounge

Yes, I like to lounge. Don't you? I've been on the hunt for a while for a daybed for my living room. Not the big twin-bed size thing you'd put lengthwise against a wall in a bedroom and actually sleep in, but the super stylish sofa-like bench-without-a-back that you'd find in a living room. Here's what I mean:

See that awesome piece of furniture against those built-in bookcases? A sofa would block them completely, but the daybed draws your eye to them and allow access--and does it very stylishly too. It's a long bench with little bolster pillows and low arms (headrests, really) where you can read and nap and sip tea and generally lounge. The variation from the standard sofa and two chairs combo energizes this room and surprises the eye. Here's a closeup:

Another daybed frames and highlights a bookcase wall; this one's also a creative solution! If you don't have a daybed, you can make one with two ottomans and some bolsters.

The daybed below does double-duty, both dividing spaces and joining them together. It creates a cozy conversation area with the seating around it, separating the space from a dining room or hallway but also preserving the flow between rooms, unlike a traditional sofa.

Another dividing/joining trick below. And a daybed can also gracefully fill what would otherwise be dead space in the middle or at the edges of a room.

Framing a window, a daybed becomes a kind of window seat. No need for pillows against the windows: you'll want to preserve the view.

Who wouldn't want to while away some hours lying here, just basking in the sun? In my house, the imaginary daybed will exist in my living room window bay, creating a kind of nook, with some drapery panels to frame out the space. I won't ever want to leave.

photos: Sarah Richardson Design Inc., Domino, decorpad, Southern Accents, House Beautiful, Margot Austin, Williams Sonoma Home

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Eugene Caul said...

Oh yeah, a window seat is one of the most exciting features in a home. It's nice to relax and spend hours just sitting by the window while enjoying a good book or tea. A big window doesn't need piles of pillows, just one or two. That last daybed look really inspiring.