i'll take one of each, please

A loft in the city and a cottage in the country. That's all any girl wants, really. I live in a sort of cottage: a hundred-year-old farmhouse-style home. Charming, with lots of detailed woodwork and a nice, cozy feel. But the rooms are choppy, and that coziness can get a little, well, claustrophobic sometimes. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's my haven, and also a source of ongoing designer, handy, and crafty projects to satisfy my creativity. But how about a little urban style and living too? A downtown pad, with fabulous restaurants and a good coffee shop within walking distance. I'm thinking a former warehouse or mill space, super-high ceilings (okay, these are not so super-high, but this is a pretty hot space anyway), lived-in hardwood floors, gigantic multi-paned windows, and wide open views. That would be just fine.

photos: locations-uk.com & myhomeideas.com

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