the other sink makes me feel bad

This may be the funniest line from It's Complicated. Well, if you're into homes and design, it's the funniest line. If you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. Jane, played by Meryl Streep, is divorced and very much not planning on becoming attached again. She is, however, planning a renovation, for some reason, of her already beautiful home. Makes no sense. The place is already amazing!
But I digress. As to the line of dialogue in question, Jane's talking to her architect about her (totally unnecessary) renovation and is adamantly against the by-now-standard double sink vanity.
See, when you're single, there's only one sink that gets used. That sad other sink just sits there empty, unused, and lonely. And to Jane, who currently doesn't have a significant other to use this second sink, and who is convinced there will never be anyone to use that sink next to hers again...well, it makes her feel bad.

So who needs a double sink? Here are some gorgeous vanities with just one sink. Just. For. You. Showing how beautiful single can be.

"It's Complicated" set decoration by Beth Rubino, set photography by Melinda Sue Gordon, images via silver screen surroundings, a pina colada, cote de texas, Pottery Barn, Sarah Richardson Design, decorpad, House Beautiful, pointclickhome, Coastal Living

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