Have you noticed a trend toward exposing things that are usually hidden? Like how light bulbs in light fixtures are suddenly on display? It goes with the whole industrial-chic look. Do I love this? Do I hate it? A little bit of both, I think. With some things yes, with some no.

More importantly, is this a trend or is this a look that's here to stay? The look says "the material things in my life are functional" and "I don't give a shit about prettying things up." OR, it actually says "I am a design enthusiast and embrace every trend. So say hello to my hip pad. It's so now." Which is it?

Exhibit A: Lighting
("The bulb's kinda ugly, but kinda cool too.")

Exhibit B: Glass Front Refrigerators
("I buy organic, how about you?")

Exhibit C: Glass Showers
("I have no body issues")

To be fair, the glass shower thing is not really a trend. It's been around for many years (and for good reason, with the only shower enclosure alternative being a curtain) and it's not likely going anywhere. It's functional and user-friendly and fabulous-looking in it's simplicity.

That said, back to industrial chic in general. I really like adding industrial elements to more traditional design. But what say you? Expose it all? Or should some things remain hidden and mysterious?

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Furniture Barn said...

This is so true...last market in highpoint really exploded with the "industrial Chic" look from the major manufacturers in every price point to the smallest of vendors showing in interhall. Great read!