green home ideas & inspirations

A few years ago, while on vacation in Hilton Head (oh, how I wish I were there right now!) I took a tour of HGTV's Green Home, which I believe was their first. (You can tour all the green homes here.) The house was chock-full of design ideas, and I keep going back to these pictures for inspiration.

This shot is one of my favorites and encapsulates the "green" idea, as this vignette is all about the extra-long, extra-gorgeous antique console that's been repurposed for storage, display, and serving. Tall skinny lamps shed some light but leave room on the surface for picture frames and a tray of wine glasses. I especially love the mix of materials here: worn wood, wicker, linen, metal, and then of course the crispness of the framed black and white photograph (by the talented Ben Ham).

Here are a few more ideas you might want to steal:

Table lamp on the kitchen counter—relaxed and unexpected.

Lantern wall light above each set of French doors.

Reclaimed wood mirror over a vanity. The home was scattered with lots of rustic touches like this.

Don't forget to look up! Lots of the character in this room comes from the painted wood planking, all recycled, instead of standard drywall or even beadboard, on the ceiling.

Hope you enjoyed this very mini-tour, but if you (like me!) were just getting into it and need to see more, check out on the HGTV green home site. Enjoy your green inspirations and idea-gathering, and enjoy your weekend!


Emily A. Clark said...

Hi Casey--Love these pics; so wish I could've toured this home since I'm just in Charlotte. . .

Thanks for visiting my blog; glad to have found yours as well. You have beautiful taste.

Chic Coles said...

That HGTV green show house was so bautiful and the love all the natural elements.