I was walking around my neighborhood the other day (a day that happened to be a bit warmer than the current 18 degrees) and it was trash day. You know what that means. Potential. Castoffs. Stuff at the curb, some of it junk but some of it just waiting for to be redone, renewed, reborn. On trash day, there's always the possibility of running into something amazing. Or rather, something with the potential to become amazing. And this was my lucky day. I strolled by this sad little neglected dresser a few streets down, ready to be tossed away.

Adorable! Or soon to be. I know. Right now it looks terrible, doesn't it? Chips, scratches, stains you can't even see on the top of it, and drawers that sort of but don't quite fit. (That bottom one actually goes on the top though, and looks wayyy better in its proper spot!) Anyway, I booked it home, got in my car, and somehow strong-armed the thing into the back and drove it home. It's soon to be shiny and new. Just a little sanding and painting, and I will have something that can look like this.

Now, first, you should know that I already have a chest just like this at home. Here it is.

It's got some prettier details and it's not in bad condition so I don't mind the mahogany. So why another? Well, someone was throwing this thing away, a perfectly fine and serviceable piece. And my guest room has no dresser. So why not? A coat of paint, and upstairs it goes. The only problem is deciding on a color. Maybe some fresh green like this?

image via country living

Or what about something soft and blue and very vintage-y?

I could also get into sanding it down and leaving it kind of raw and natural-looking if the wood's any good. Like, if it could look cool and washed-out and anything like this recycled wood mirror.

image via hudson goods

Black is classic...
image via

And then there's getting a little more creative. This awesome dresser by Christie Chase is totally inspiring.

Dear readers, I've never been too decisive. So I need your help. What are your thoughts? Bright and bold, white and safe, or something else entirely?


Erica @ Decorica said...

Go Bold! You can always repaint it later on. Black could be cool. What are the colors in your guest room?

casey at loft and cottage said...

There's no color on the walls yet, but there's lots in the artwork and bedding. Upholstered headboard is off-white; white sheers on the window. The room is under the eaves, cozy (small) and a little dark. Black would really be a good foil for a beige wall, white fabric, and colorful art/bedding.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

I really like the last photo - maybe go black with a hint of colour around the drawers. Please post a photo once done. Thx.

casey at loft and cottage said...

I will keep you guys posted. There will be many "after" pictures, of course!

Duel Living said...

I'm jealous....are you sure you don't want to do a little "giveaway" on your blog? I'm really good at leaving comments.
It will be beautiful no matter what you do with it....yeah!

joanne said...

How about decoupage? Perhaps a map of some place special you have been or want to go to...or some pretty handmade rice paper...oh where you could go with this!