get the look: fresh green & white foyer

This amazing entry has been featured many times, but to me it never gets old. It belongs to the fabulous Chloe Sevigny, and I wish it belonged to me. Love the crispness of the green and white and the boldness yet timelessness of the imperial trellis pattern. The play of these elements off the worn wide plank floors and bright white trim really makes this room sing though. Pops of black in the shades are nice too, modernizing everything. That classic bike with sweet basket is a cool, creative, casual touch.

I'm totally inspired to try to recreate this in my teeny entry. I've got the hardwood floor and the white trim. I've also got a touch of black with this:

To get the look, you just need to add:



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Valerie Wills Interiors said...

OOooooooOOOO what a gorgeous entryway.... so fresh and clean..... loving it.