how much pattern is too much? and what does it say about you?

I will say that for me, this is too much. The rug's busy, one sofa's got stripes, the chairs are Bloomsbury floral, and there's even decorative veneering on the table. That's a lot going on, people. But Madeline Stuart knows pattern. This next space that she also designed was recently featured in House Beautiful, and I for one think it's amazing. But much more simple. The awesome rug is the graphic...

Small picture, but you get the idea. To me, this vintage Moroccon rug is a show-stopper, and the blocks of color in the chairs, sofa, coffee table, and ottomans also work to create enough additional pattern on top the rug to complement, not detract.

What say you? Is this too much? Not enough? This room is so not boring, but it also has a simplicity that is so appealing to me right now. Maybe with all our hectic craziness of our lives these days, one way we can create some calm is by taking control where we can, our environment in our homes. If home is a true reflection of my personality, of course I want it to be fun and layered and interesting, but I also want it to be serene and focused and without drama.

What do your favorite spaces say about you? Does their intensity or serenity reflect the way you live or represent the way you want to live?

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Valerie Wills Interiors said...

I hear ya!!! There is way too much going on in the first picture.... gosh all the stripes and florals... not my cup of tea at all!!! However, the second photo is much more calm and nicely put together. There's enough pattern in the rug and then small splashes of colour dotted around the room. Looks great.