what's in the designer's bag?

If you're a designer/decorator/stylist or any kind of creative type, you need a big tote bag to carry all your assorted tools and folders and pencils and papers around to your various client appointments. Lately, my bag has not been doing the job. The opening is too small, and since I can't see into it I find myself blindly digging around inside and grabbing everything but what I need: a screwdriver, paper clips, and who knows what else that lives hidden in the depths of my bag. I need to get organized. And find both a practical and stylish solution.

I've had my eye on this cool tote from Land's End Canvas. With leather trim and handles, it's a sweet little upgrade from the standard LL Bean variety.

Adorable. But it's a little pricey at $138.00. I would splurge, but I just refuse to pay an extra 15 bucks to ship this awesome bag to Massachusetts. It's great, but it's not that great. So, while I search for second choices, I'm also dreaming about upgrading what goes into my handsome and handy new bag. I'm finding all kinds of cute stuff, along with the required and totally useful things. I could completely lose myself in a shopping spree and buy all new goodies. Must. Resist.

Clockwise from top left, products from stanley toolsbluedogz design, canon, office max, see jane work.

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Erica at Decorica said...

Looks good Casey! Love the leather business card holders.