in bloom

As usual, I bought way too much at Target yesterday, including lots of seed packets and seed starting mix. I'm excited to get all these beautiful seedlings going and have spring sprouting in my kitchen soon—and out in the garden not too long from now. I'm also ready to head out into the backyard and cut some forsythia for forcing so I can have some bright yellow blooms like this in my life.


I'm pretty much in the mood to surround myself—I'm talking floor, ceiling, walls, windows!—in flowers. This bedroom, featured in Domino back in the day, has always been an inspiration but feels especially appealing right now. The wallpaper is Flowering Quince by Clarence House. Lovely!

And here's more flower love for you. On the floor, the Zinnia Citron rug from Company C. A geometric pattern of blooms make this rug modern-feeling.

From the ceiling, the ingenious Garland Light by Tord Boontje for Artecnica. This is essentially a shade that clips to a bare bulb and can be shaped any way your heart desires. Pretty plus creative? I'm in love.

On the walls, the aforementioned Flowering Quince or these gorgeous bright poppies from Jocelyn Warner. I could see this in a powder room, foyer, or bedroom. Heck, I could see this in a library, a playroom, a kitchen, anywhere really.

On the windows, Anthropologie's Avignon curtains are subtle, romantic floral perfection.

I'm not the only one currently obsessed with flowers. Which brings me back around to Target, where everyone's eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Liberty of London collection—launch in 3 days, readers. But if you can't wait, Target's giving us a preview of patterns. I can't wait to see these on pillows, rugs, dishware, who knows what. We shall see in a few hours...

In the meantime, you can even take a patternality quiz to find out your pattern personality. I love personality quizzes (a fun and fascinating waste of time) and this one is quick and entertaining and pretty too! Apparently, I'm the peacock pattern, "accustomed to finding your own way...trying this, opting for that, but always walking proud regardless." So, readers, what are you? If you love floral, which kind?


erica at decorica said...

I took the "patternality" quiz and this is me:

"You are a little arty and a lot delightful. Hopping into the convertible with your three-ring binder and your shoes off—it's splendid."

I'm diggin'

casey at loft and cottage said...

love it!