the well-placed basket

Confession: I love baskets. They're utilitarian and beautiful, natural, earthy. They hold anything and everything— firewood, magazines, blankets, toys—and go in any room, from bedroom to living room to office. Actually, kitchen too. I have a large one on top of my fridge, perfectly filling up all that dead space between appliance and ceiling. Kind of like this:

I also adore texture, and baskets are a no-brainer addition when you need to add some textural element, some bit of rusticity and outdoorsyness to a room. But when these mega-functional holders take a prominent place in a room's design, it makes me especially happy. It's amazing when you find a new use for a basket; finding new things it can hold. It's even more amazing when you find that basket's perfect place in a room.

Center of attention: Basket right inside the firebox! Love this.

via all the best

Under a table—a perfect fit. Again, makes me happy.

Pretty hall vignette. That large-scale art is balanced just right thanks to the basket.

Oh, that island was looking so spare and lonely without the big basket.

A hearty holder for firewood and a perfect rustic addition to an eclectic room.

Did this give you any ideas? It really makes me want to go shopping for more big baskets. I'm in love with that console table-as-nightstand-with-basket-underneath. How about you?

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