i want to live in a barn

Ask anyone in my family, and they will tell you that I've always said I wanted to live in a barn. I'm pretty obsessed, and always have been. Let's face it: barns are way cooler spaces than the typical raised ranch or cape that I, and most everyone I knew, grew up in. And now I see that a barn actually mixes "loft" and "cottage" quite well, with both wide open spaces and real down-to-earth simplicity.

 This image is from Real Carriage Doors, which has a huge range of door styles as well as door hardware, absolutely everything you need to achieve barn style in your home. Some amazing images from their portfolio:

Yes, it's just a garage, but it's gorgeous! I would still live here! Real Carriage Doors does beautiful work in all kinds of historical styles. Clearly, if you're looking for sliding doors, garage doors, or any kind of barn style door you must use them.

And for more inspiration:

I wish I were the Barefoot Contessa (for many reasons—what a gracious life she leads!—and this is just one). This is Ina Garten's East Hampton, New York barn. See more at House Beautiful.

It could only be France. An 18th-century barn conversion (a vacation rental too). Yes!

Another barn conversion (you can stay here too!); this one in the Cotswolds.

Bringing barn style home is what I'm after. And the simplest way is with an interior sliding barn door.
Loving the yellow door! What a way to punch up a space. Not only is it so cool and unique to use a sliding barn door inside the home, the color adds an incredible wow factor. {Southern Living}

It's not just country. This natural wood in a slatted style is a modern take on a barn door. {Sunset}

Barn doors go anywhere, especially where there's no clearance. Standard doors wouldn't have much room to swing open here. A sliding door is the perfect solution, and the rustic barn style adds awesome character to this space. {Hutker Architects}

Another modern look. Furniture maker Cliff Spencer used reclaimed oak staves from California wineries and non-toxic stain. {apartment therapy}

{source unknown}

Yes, use them to open to the outdoors too. Lovely. {Crown Industrial}


More beautiful color. And that chunky hardware lends such an industrial look that gets me every time. {source unknown, maybe West Elm}


Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Particularly like the barn in France - beautiful stone, gravel floor.... you can just image sitting under the olive trees, sipping wine in the warm sun.

I also like the Cotswold barn too! Love the Cotswolds.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Particularly like the barn in France - I can just imagine sitting under an olive tree, sipping wine in the sun..... great stonework, gravel floor.... lots of lavendar and vineyards. Bliss.

Unknown said...

A girl after my own heart. I have wanted a home with a barn so that I could run my business out of the barn You've got some great picks here!!