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Some days there's no good reason for you to be shopping: no projects to buy for, nothing you need for home. Oh, who am I kidding? You always need something for home. It's just that you don't always know it. Yesterday I was browsing TJ Maax, with nothing in particular in mind, when I found this beauty.

And I had no idea where it was going but I knew it was coming home with me. Still looking for a spot for it, and it may end up in Mom's house, but it's so adorable and so affordable (just $40) I knew I had to take it home. That shapely base. That printed shade. Love. 

I really like stores like TJ's, Marshall's, Home Goods and Target for lamps. You'll find on-trend styles and below-budget prices. Here are some other lighting finds I'm into right now.

I have long pined for their Hundi lantern.

I'm a fan of clear glass. These are from Roost.

All things block printed—especially Galbraith & Paul's pendants.

And another unexpected source: Pier 1. Beyond affordable and great styles. Their coral lamp has been widely featured but is still a fave. Perfect for summer!

Don't forget their great paper lanterns too, for a party or, heck, even for everyday. So cool.

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Valerie Wills Interiors said...

I so agree with you and love a little hunt around Marshalls and Home Goods.... mixing old and new and cheap and expensive is totally the way to go!