tuesday tip: inexpensive art thanks to the kiddies

I'm back to work {sigh} and back to blogging but was lucky enough to spend last week vacationing in Florida with my family. The best part? My two adorable nieces, both of whom love to draw and who inspired this post.

First there's Livi, who loves drawing with markers and getting lots of color on the page. But she loves to mug for the camera even more.

Then there's Maddy, the real artist, who is currently into portraits—and is actually really good!

She did this seascape for me, though, at my request, and as soon as I got home I knew I wanted to give it a special place (after it had been pitifully folded up and in my suitcase for days). I also had an empty spot on the wall and an inexpensive Marshall's frame I thought would look cool with it.

If these were my kids, I know I'd have a constant display of their art going on. Not only does a wall display give kids a place to show off their talents, it's a supremely affordable, colorful, creative way to decorate your space. Display can be as simple as a wire or clothesline and some clips. It's also easy to rotate the collection this way, so that the art can be updated as quickly as your child's talents.

The clothesline look is also ideal for odd-size pieces and three-dimensional works that are hard to frame.

via your decorating hotline

Cork tiles create a gallery and make quick changes easy.

via cookie

White frames and mats lend a crisp, professional look.

via oregonlive
Dynamic Frames are hinged and allow for a clean look and easy addition of new art—just lay your latest artwork on top of old and close the frame.

And not as affordable, but the most incredibly awesome solution to growing collections of art, Jan Eleni will scan your child's art and create a clean, professional collage. What a beautiful way to archive your child's talent!

Where does your child's art go? I'd love to hear and see how it decorates your walls.


Kate said...

Super cute post. I am a kid art fanatic. The house is filled with portraits, landscapes and crazy abstract pieces -- we have 2 "galleries" using red and black frames hung symmetrically in the playroom and office. We also have a long picture hanging wire strung between 2 eye hooks with tiny clothespins the kids decoupaged with their images to hold their art clothesline style. It is nice because they can easily change the display and showcase their new pieces. Love the hinged frames you posted. Liking your blog a lot!!

casey at loft and cottage said...

kate, i was thinking of you when i wrote this! i knew you'd have some great input and cool solutions. wish i could see you and your house--it's been so long!!