brimfield finds

On Friday, I got up early, drove an hour, and spent a fun, exhausting day with Erica of Decorica scouring the hugeness and sprawling madness that is the Brimfield Antique Show. Wow. I don't know if the show has gotten bigger in recent years (I haven't been in maybe four) but there are tents/booths as far as the eye can see. There's plenty of junk to be found, but lots of cool flea market finds too, and some very nice (and expensive) antiques too. Brimfield has it all.

Here's some of what I found.

This set of two adorable twin beds was just $150 for the pair! I don't know how I resisted! Oh yeah, my guest room isn't big enough for two twins. Even so, this deal was hard to resist.

Beautiful antique Swedish clock. Gorgeous color, handsome face, sweet curves. (Sorry for the plastic disguise, but it was drizzling and you don't want to take chances with antiques in the rain!) This is a dream purchase for someday, but starting at $3,000 a clock like this was too rich for my blood. It, and everything in this booth, was the real thing though. Jeffree of Lone Ranger Antiques spends 5 months of every year traveling throughout Sweden to add to his amazing collection. Check out his site and check him out on the Martha Stewart Show tomorrow too. Here's another piece of his I fell in love with.

Blurry shot, but I hope it still conveys the beauty of this dropfront secretary. Made my heart skip a beat.

Antique French ticking in beautiful colors—my favorites were the crimson tones.

Beautiful embroidered linen pillow, an antique from Czechoslovakia I believe. The red was so vibrant and the craftwork so perfect and detailed!

Architectural elements abounded. You could fashion almost anything out of them—brackets for shelves, pediments for headboards, balusters as lamp bases.

Just a cool bamboo mirror with trelliswork. I would paint this baby a bold color.

Was in love with this Boston map, with its crisp black frame and yellow hued map. I couldn't find my way to paying the $300 they were asking for it though. I'm sure someone with deeper pockets snapped up this beauty by the end of the day though!

Pretty green glass bottles. Love the scale of these and the beautiful color.

And now, finally, to what I did come home with!
Vintage ribbon! The navy chevron is so dark it looks black. I'm not sure what kind of pattern is on the red, but it has an old folk art kind of feel. These will be fun to add to little projects.

A set of small-scale (maybe 5 x 7) French city maps and architectural drawings. Will have to find some frames worthy of these beauties. I love that the only color in these besides the washed out black ink is a soft tangerine.

Old French vocabulary flash cards. Simple little things, and so adorable I couldn't resist. Will maybe pin these as a collage on a pretty fabric board.

And the pièce de résistance! My find of the day was this great 100-year-old steamer trunk. Despite missing the leather handles and a key, it was in very good shape, and they were asking so little for it I could not resist. After getting it home and doing some research I have found similar flat-top steamer trunk styles (though in perfect condition) for around $500. I snagged mine for $70. What really got me about this though was the sweet paper lining the inside. What a pretty surprise when you lift the lid!

So what do you think, readers? Have you been to Brimfield? Planning to go? What have you found? What are you hunting for?


Anonymous said...

Love the ribbons and the embroidered pillow! Good eye, Miss Loft & Cottage!

René said...

That looks like my kind of place!

Kate said...

Oh My Gosh, I'm totally jealous! Love your finds, especially the bamboo lattice mirror and the steamer trunk. Great eye!!