mini project: switchplate covers

I'm kind of on a DIY kick lately. Have you ever tried covering your light switch plates? I forgot how cute this could be!

Plain old boring switchplates can become a place to add unexpected color and pattern to a room—a simple fix with paper, xacto knife and glue. Adding style to the smallest of details is what makes a room truly unique.

This might be fun to try with fabric too (a fabulous way to use up those small fabric samples that pile up!). Here's a great tutorial for fabric at Pink Chalk Studio. Her detailed instructions are awesome and the results beautiful. This photo shows the process almost complete. Pretty fabric, huh?

Has anyone tried this? What do you think? Decorate switchplates or leave them be?


Erica @ Decorica said...

Very cute!

Fran said...

Oh, very cute! I like this project and the fact that it is 'mini' is even better! I would definitely consider doing this! Although, right now I need to get some of the 'major' projects off my list right now! Thanks for stopping by!