natural, simple, with a dash of color

The color splash in this stunningly simple Brad Ford room is red, but I think it could easily be yellow or orange too—something to pop against all the soft neutrals, the natural materials, and touches of greenery. This room feels so right now and so timeless. And it feels like it could be anywhere—on the water, in the burbs, in the country. 

I really love the modernness of the crisp lines here too—everything working so harmoniously together. Notice how the spindle chair on the right mimics and completely balances the staircase on the left? Genius, that Brad.


Erin Deegan said...

i LOVE that room! just added it to my design file for future inspiration. thank you!!

Fran said...

So calming and relaxing! And, I hadn't noticed the similarities between the spindles on the chair and the staircase. Great details. And, I love the pop of color! BTW, love those ballard panels you chose for your client's MBR - I've been eyeing those. Hope we get to see the final reveal!

Karen said...

Hi,first visit here. I love this room; it says summer to me.