tuesday tip: ceiling fan fix

If you're like me, you part-love and part-hate ceiling fans. The love part of you adores open windows, breezes, and lazily watching the slow revolution of fan blades overhead on a hot summer's day. The hate part of you immensely dislikes the look of these things. I mean, let's face it—many of them are not pretty, and most rooms, unless you live in the tropics, would be better served stylewise with a pendant or chandelier.

When I moved into my place, there were ceiling fans in every room. No kidding, every room. I thought this a bit much. So I took some down. But in certain rooms I really fell for the functionality and didn't want to give up it up. If I did I'd end up hermetically sealing myself off in air-conditioned isolation for a few steamy months of the year. Not my idea of summer living.

My favorite way to deal with a ceiling fan is not to rip it down but to cover it up. A drum shade is an ideal quick fix. This is what I did in my kitchen. So, put a shade over it, and you just might be able to live with (and even love!) your ceiling fan.


Find great drum shades here.


Erin Deegan said...

very cute idea! our ceiling fans are any eye-sore for sure!

Julie said...

That's a great option, thanks!

Fran said...

Wow! Love it...thanks for the tip! I'm definitely going to remember this!

ceiling fans said...

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