fab find: kainkain on etsy

This week, on a search for pillows, pillows, and more pillows for a living room design, I stumbled across so many pretty and unique Etsy designs. Kainkain, maker of modern, contemporary and affordable home decor, is too good not to share.

Kainkain hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and offers up the most exquisite embroidered pieces, from pillows to table linens. Just feast your eyes on these gorgeous designs.  


Aren't the colors and patterns just so yummy?! Kainkain even let's you custom-color and personalize to your hearts' content. So great if you're looking for a sofa or table pick-me-up, or a beautiful, unforgettable gift.


René said...

What a great find. I really like the nautical knotted pillow. All of the colors are so fresh.

Arlene Grasman said...

Great finds! You can really spice up a room with a couple of these :)