the runners up: my style in one picture

In my attempt to step up to From the Right Bank's "style in one picture" challenge, I spent a good many hours last week hunting for the one image that conveys my design style—a nearly impossible task! Among the hundreds of images I studied, there were a few runners up that I just loved and didn't want to leave behind. Even though the Cottage Living kitchen I chose is beyond amazing and fits me just so, these rooms all were worthy contenders and I thought it was worth taking a look. Herewith, the runners up:

Painted furniture, sisal rug, pretty pattern, light plus dark.

An antique-y, lived-in feel, with natural materials, softness, and contrast.

This might be the closest to the kitchen I eventually chose. Light plus dark, eclecticism, cool casualness.

This one is all about soft color and a casual lifestyle. Love the lantern, art, and sconces too.

Maybe a little too antique, but the natural materials plus a pop of color make this a close second.

Do any of these rooms speak to you too?


Fran said...

Absolutely! The first photo speaks to me the most - I love the dark walls with the lightness of the window, drapes and glass lamp base. Then, the pop of color via the patterned fabric and painted desk! And, I LOVE the 2 frames against the window. LOVE IT. I also love Tia Zoldan's dining room - this has been a long time favorite of mine! How fun...thanks for inspiration!

René said...

You picked some of my favorites as well. I have always loved that lavender room from Cottage Living. That first picture though with the fabric covered pelmet is so pretty.


Julie said...

I have always adored Tia Zoldan's rooms in CL. So, I love your choices!

Joanna said...

I love the room with all the gold frames, and the brown dining room. I also LOVE the artwork and the ceiling in the last photo- so cozy! The gray/silver sofa looks so great with the pink pillows, but I'm questioning the lavendar walls... Anyone else find that a bit off?

Arlene Grasman said...

That first photo has me drooling....absolutely love it. Great focal point.