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The other day I spotted this industrial-rustic zinc set of hooks on Remodelista. Isn't it cool? It'd be perfect in my (imaginary) potting shed but just as awesome in an entryway, mudroom, kitchen, bathroom, guest room...uh, I guess I would totally use it anywhere.

But not only did I fall in love with this particular accessory, I fell in love with absolutely everything from the online shop it came from, Terrain. Has anyone else discovered this resource? Amazing stuff with character and history and style. Oh, and did I mention that a shocking number of pieces are completely affordable? The Zig Zag Hook Rack is just $38. Of course, some of the vintage stuff (and some of the stuff I am really lusting for) is super high-end, but there's lots here that's very accessible.

Oh, even better, there's a real-world Terrain in Glen Mills, PA! with a full-service garden center and nursery, home store, and cafe! All as chic and timeless and charming as what you see online. (Oh, just saw that they are owned by Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie—darn, I kind of had the idea this was a small operation.) In any case, I have no idea where Glen Mills is, but PA people, if you live anywhere near there, I am jealous. And I'm thinking I'm going to have to take a detour here the next time I head down to see the parents. Happy shopping!

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