tuesday tip: go glossy

I haven't given much thought to glossy white (or light) paint—aside from how great it looks on doors and on trim. But in this month's Country Living, I fell in love with this idea from the Fire Island beach cottage of Alex Bates, creative director for West Elm.

How amazing is the glossy white ceiling? It reflects and bounces the light around, adding to the bright airy effect of this simple, casual room. Word of warning: make sure your ceilings are in great shape before trying this as shiny paint will reveal every imperfection. But when it works, it works. A great trick for small rooms, beach houses, and any room where you want, need, crave more light. 


Julie said...

That's a great idea - never even thought of it!

Erin Deegan said...

love it! i've been craving white lately.... this is a great way to add depth! thanks for the post :)