tuesday tip: bare your books

As a reader and a writer, I've got more than my share of books around my house. And since they're so plentiful, I can't help but make them a part of the display. Trade paperbacks are what I have most of, but the hardcovers show best. 
cover design by Coralie Bickford-Smith

I think it's fitting, especially in summer, when we are all shedding extra layers and stripping down to bare essentials, to take the dust jackets off and reveal the beauty of books. It's a season of less-is-more and simple pleasures; it's a time for rolling up wool rugs and taking down curtains. It makes sense and just feels right to strip away what's heavy and unnecessary to expose a purity underneath.

Those laminated paper covers aren't doing anyone any design favors. Why not reveal the texture of the cloth, the simplicity of a block of color, the title elegantly engraved on the spine?

Suddenly that collection of books that looked jumbled and busy and distracting feels unified and refined. It's a simpler look that fits the light, unadorned feel of summer. 


René said...

Great advice Casey. I am always torn with what to do here, but your images show how clean books look this way.


Karen said...

This is a great tip. If only all my books combined looked as chic as these arrangements....

Fran said...

I couldn't agree more. I recently recycled 10 dust jackets from my son's books. They constantly fall off and get torn. I can't stand them.