what colorful drapes can do

I'm really digging this living room with its grasscloth walls, large windows, and neutrals framed in fresh green drapes and accented with pops of blue. I think we can all agree the drapes make the room here—and its the color that does it. I'm all for keeping a scheme neutral and then livening up with drapes in saturated color.

can't remember the source, possibly bhg

The green is just singing to me right now.


But pink is so pretty too.


Color plus pattern is evern more exciting.

Palmer Weiss

Amanda Nisbet

I think I like this so much because the curtains seem integral to the design—because they create such contrast and are a focal point and link all the other accents in the room, they feel like the starting point of the room, rather than the last-minute finishing touch or afterthought. We're so used to seeing rooms where the curtains fade into the background, blending with the wall or trim color. What do you think? I hardly ever start with drapes but maybe I should. It's a great way to find your color story and create a focal point in a neutral room.


René said...

This post was very inspiring for me. I have a tendency to go boring on the drapes, but I'm beginning to re-think this. Love that green!


Unknown said...

Palmer Weiss has got my eye! That room is stunning!!!