peaceful country bedroom

Despite having just had two days off, I feel as if I haven't moment to really relax during any of it. There have been too many errands to run, chores to do, projects to complete, plan tickets to book (okay, it's not all terrible tasks!). But I do wish I could run away to this perfectly serene country bedroom for another two days. And leave laptop and phone behind.

Happy weekend! By the way, this room was designed by the truly amazing Wendi Young. If you have not had a chance to peruse her incredible portfolio I highly recommend you check it out. Each space is more sumptuous than the next!


michelle said...

I would not mind hiding out there as well!! Her designs are so gorgeous!! I hope you get a moment to relax this weekend!

René said...

I hope that you are able to chillax this weekend Casey. Sometimes all of those little things begin to feel huge don't they? Have a glass of wine and a hunk of chocolate.