season of color

Is it because fall is coming? And the season of white and light and pale is coming to a close? I feel like we're starting to be surrounded by more saturated colors—specifically on our walls. Are rooms getting more intense? And sumptuously colorful? Or is it me—and the feeling that autumn is on its way?

 First I was blown away by the vibrant red of Cath Kidston's room in Lonny.

newburyport blue

hodley red

hillside green


jalapeno pepper



spanish red

 Isn't the range of colors here so beautiful? From azure and olive to rich lavender and burgundy, I love them all. West Elm has been feeling fall-like and deep lately too.
So far for September I haven't seen too many saturated paint colors in the shelter mags. Are they still feeling summer? How about you? Are you planning to paint anytime soon?

For more inspiration, and a fun little look at what colors you might live best with, go to House Beautiful's The Ultimate Color Scale to explore whether you are warm, cool, deep, bright, or intense—or if you are like me and adore too many colors, some combination of all of these!


michelle said...

Beautiful colors!!!! I love the Spanish Red bedroom, gorgeous!!!!

René said...

These rich colors are tugging at me too. I'm really digging chocolates and dark blues. And red is becoming my new favorite accent color.


Karen said...

Lately I've been loving all shades of blue, but looking at all these images I realize that I could easily be swayed in another direction (or two!)