tuesday tip: shine a little more light

Lamps are so often paired up, on a set of nightstands, flanking a fireplace, framing a mirror, or on each end of a sofa or sideboard. Design-wise, it's what we expect. And there's no doubt that it works. But when a space offers the opportunity for more light, like over an island, a sink, a table, or a bed, and the designer takes that opportunity by adding three matching lights instead of the standard two, it's surprising and statement-making. Not to mention functional. Shedding more light on the matter is always a good thing.

via decorpad

What do you think? Would you do this in your home? Or have you already? 


René said...

I just have to say that the pendants over the sink in the first image are sexy! Love.


michelle said...

I love things in three and lights are so pretty when there are more than one! I am loving the last picture, WOW that is beautiful!!!!