tuesday tip: something better by the bed

west elm

west elm

house beautiful


Nightstands are practical but so predictable. Why not do something unexpected beside your bed?


Klesuo said...

My father is the king of practicality; When it comes to decorating or fashion I must say his opinions always frustrate. But on this one I must go in papa's direction--these alternative nightstands are just too impractical! Great for a photo op, but in real life I read my books and I use my luggage so I wouldnt want to use them as furniture. But it looks neat (and unpretentious.. in a pretentious sort of way). lol

michelle said...

Great ideas! I wouldn't mind a fireplace by the bedside either!! :)

citymouse said...

Very inspiring! I am loving the suitcase nightstand.

Shannon Fricke said...

great pics. love them.

René said...

I have always loved that image with the stack of Louis suitcases.


PozyPeacock said...

I am in love with that white bed from West Elm and love the entire bedroom setup! The texture of the bowl and a few good books underneath is a beautiful idea.