i love it when things just fit

I was inspired this week by two images I've come across that made me think of perfect fits, and how rare but lovely it can be when that happens.

house beautiful
christina murphy interiors

Doesn't it look like these pieces of furniture were made exactly to fit in these niches and nooks? But I'm sure they were not. That's what's so marvelous about them. My temptation would be to just do built-ins here, because what would the chances be of finding furniture to fit these odd dimensions? Well, these spaces remind me to take my time, wait for the right thing, keep an eye out but don't look too hard. Sooner or later you will happily, randomly stumble upon your solution, and suddenly things will click. Providence. Kismet.

Don't you love it when things just fit?


Fran said...

Couldn't agree more. I'm dealing w/the same issue in my upstairs landing (hallway). I have a space that is 24" wide and trying to find a dresser to fit in it is impossible. I have opted for an end table and will just have to use a basket (of some sort) for the storage! The second picture is divine - love the green & black!

René said...

Yes, better than built-ins I might add. Some things are just meant to be. Would love to find corner cabinets that are "just meant to be" for my dining room.


Erica @ Decorica said...

Ha ha, in my book, everything fits! Cute pics. It's true, a nook is the best place to squeeze that perfect piece into for that snug look.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Love this post.... the first picture is so gorgeous. I remember doing a home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco and finding some bookshelves that were inexpensive, but looked fabulous, and actually were a perfect fit for the library.... Thanks.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Great story, Val. It feels like everything's going your way when you spot a find like that!

Unknown said...

So great! And so true! So happy to come across your fab site!