styling my coffee table

Let's face it, coffee tables are not always that attractive. Mine certainly doesn't normally look like this, all decked out with candlelight and flowers. It's typically too many remotes, a nail file, a snack or two, and a magazine open to the latest article I'm reading. So not attractive, but I suspect this is the case for most of us—it's just how we live. Lots of everyday junk migrates to the room we hang out in, and every once in a while it's nice to clean it up and get it ready for its closeup.

When I saw that Emily A. Clark was having a link party all about coffee tables, I wanted to join in and decided this was the incentive I needed to redecorate and style up my coffee table/cocktail ottoman. It's a 10-minute redo that's totally easy and satisfying.

{1} Pare down. Clear out the clutter and put back anything that belongs in another room.
{2} Organize. Group like items. Find a tray if you can to corral it all.
{3} Decorate. Light a candle. Bring in a favorite object or some flowers.

There. So much better!

Now, some coffee table inspiration to get you in the mood for your own cleanup/styling job.

{image 1: nicole shumpert; image 4: hgtv; all others via decorpad}

What's on your coffee table? Or what would you like it to look like?


René said...

I love your striped ottoman Casey! And funny how we both have the same miscellaneous items normally thrown into the mix. It's is nice to take a picture once in a while to give me incentive to "clean up".

Furniture Designer said...

Ha! You are right, coffee tables DO end up with all the stuff that we use while watching TV. Nice clean up of your own ;) I love to decorate coffee tables with flowers and interesting books (with photos mostly) Also like to add an interesting sculpture.