tuesday tip: shutters as doors

I'm a fan of anything repurposed, so maybe this is why using an old shutter instead of a standard door appeals to me so much. Especially when the shutter is vintage and has some interesting pattern or design and when it's painted but distressed and chipped in all the right places. I would love to use shutters like this in a bunch of places, instead of closet doors, as a stand in for a pantry door, to cover any odd-sized opening.

This room clearly wouldn't have the same impact and character without these shutters as closet doors.

The shutters are also the standout in the room below. Ooh la la!

What do you think? Would you used shutters as doors in your home or is this not your style? If you want to start shopping, there are plenty of antique shutters to score on eBay, or locally at New England Demolition and Salvage.


gina said...

If I could find shutters that looked like those in the pictures I would love using them in place of basic closet doors!

Fran said...

So lovely! I have to check out that demolition & salvage store - how awesome!