projects for a fall weekend

This weekend I'm hoping to get some projects done. Or at least begun. I have too many to list, but I'll try...

*Painting interiors of kitchen cabinets
*Painting exterior kitchen door
*Sand, paint and reupholster French armchair
*Sew drapes for bedroom
*Paint foyer floor
*Organize pantry
*Plan living room redesign

I'll be needing some inspiration:


living large in a small house

southern living

hidden in france

I would really like to start playing with Martha Stewart's decorative paint finish tools too, especially the linen and faux bois. You can read more them about here and buy here.

coastal living

Happy weekend! I hope you get all your projects done—or have fun dreaming about them!


Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I love that first photo from Emerson Made. It's such a great inspiration! I have canisters in my pantry {but not nearly to the same extent!}

I'm doing a giveaway, if you want to enter! Project Shannon's giveaway

Happy Friday!

Karen said...

Good luck with those projects, I have a list a mile long as well. Maybe you could start with the project that you think will make the biggest impact, that might help you gain a little momentum.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Great idea, Karen. I think I'll pick the quickest/easiest one too ;-) so I have energy to keep going after that...

René said...

Oooh fun, fun, fun! I can't wait to see how they all turn out. Have a great weekend Casey.


Erica @ Decorica said...

Hope you got it all done. Sorry I missed you the other night!