dreaming of laundry

My current walk-in pantry—just off the kitchen's back hall—got a little cleanup this weekend. It's organized, at least for the time being, and I even went crazy labeling everything a la Martha Stewart. It looks great and I can't wait to show you all the results. But what I really want in this space; what makes me jump up and down in sheer joy is the thought that someday I will have my washer and dryer here on the main floor and out of the dark, dingy, cobwebby basement!

It's a small space, so it should be a stacking setup, which is fine with me because I think they can look great. 


The space is tight, and I imagine it will end up looking somewhat like this.

apartment therapy—why is this pic black and white? It bugs me!

 But even though it's small, I plan to deck it out the space and really make it pretty. Can you imagine having a laundry room gorgeous enough for floor-length drapes, a chandelier, and an upholstered chair? If I had the space, I would make this look happen.


Laundry Room inspiration set 1  laundry room

Love these backsplash tiles. And can you imagine having a sink? That is luxury.


Speaking of tiles, these floor tiles are crazy awesome. By Popham Design. I want.


I like this curtained-off space.


This clean white space is so serene. It would not be bad to do laundry here.


Another crisp, organized space.


These rows of hooks are a great idea I'd like to borrow.

I like these end-cap shelves too. Clever.

A beautiful color can make all the difference though.

southern living

And all I really want is red! Oh, and these gorgeous grey cabinets too.

hgtv green home

This is hands-down my dream laundry room. And let me tell you, despite these images I've found there is not a ton of inspiration out there. What I learned from doing this post is that a lot of laundry rooms are not that attractive, even the ones featured in lookbooks and on blogs and in Better Homes, which is where I found a few of these pics. And laundry rooms should be attractive! So, there's lots of room for improvement, design lovers. We should all be decorating our laundries to the hilt and showing them off. The design world needs inspiration!


René said...

I love the inspiration photos. Our laundry room is in the basement too, yuck. I look forward to your reveal.


Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I LOVE that photo from BHG with the dark cabinets! I would literally do laundry all day long if that was what my laundry room looked like!

Erin Deegan said...

when i saw the title of this post... i knew i had to read on (as i NEVER dream about laundry!). great inspiration photos!

right now my laundry room (although large-ish) is VERY ugly and it doubles as a mudroom. one day i hope to transform it... maybe like the one with the end-cap shelves.... oh-so-pretty :)

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

oh to have a dedicated laundry room! mine is in my first floor powder room. only a non-laundry-doing builder would put the laundry in a small bathroom in a 4 bedroom house! can you say step over the piles to get to the sink? I'd love any one of these you show!!

Carrie Garvin said...

Beautiful photos of laundry rooms! I love my laundry room right off my kitchen ~ so versatile with a door to the back porch.

backsplash tiles said...

Well arrange laundry area...