tuesday tip: found furniture

Wood shipping pallets as furniture? Yes, yes, yes. This seems to be a trend that's not going anywhere, and I'm seeing more and more creative ideas for turning pallets into furniture. It's cool and clever and easy and if you find the pallets and don't buy new, it's free. Does it get any better than that?

First it was beds, and I've featured this one before:


Love how this pretty, girly room gets a dose of hip and industrial with the pallet and caster bed. I've been wanting to try to make my own daybed with pallets, and this is still great inspiration!

Leave the bed low and modern...

apartment therapy


Or build up the bed for a bit of height.


Here are some other inspiring, creative uses for shipping pallets that I can't resist! A cool coffee table...


The plate rack...

And my absolute favorite: the sideboard. If only I had enough room in my house to do this! Would love this look for my kitchen.

Pallets are just stacked and placed end to end for a long row of storage and serving. Just enough room for a wine bottle to rest on their sides; and drawers for smaller items are created with jelly roll pans.

Olabisi tasting room via remodelista

So simple and so chic. Maybe you don't need to buy your furniture; maybe you can build it!


René said...

Casey, the stacked pallets used behind the bar is genius! Wish I had room too.


Fran said...

Casey, this post just gave me an idea! I'd love to use a pallet in my son's room and hang it on the wall to hold all his little things - painted rocks, miniature figures, shells, pictures, etc. So cool - love this idea!