homemade christmas: sentimental stockings

Isn't it so rewarding to make something for a someone special for Christmas? This is not just me being cheap. It's that so many people have everything they need and it just feels wasteful to spend money on them, on more and more stuff that they won't remember, let alone use, a few months from now. No, I find it so nice to give the gift of my talent or my time—to make or bake or craft or write or sew something you put your heart and soul into, that will hopefully be much more appreciated than that thing I spent all of 10 minutes ordering online. Now, I am hardly against material things that make your life happier, easier, or more stylish! It's just that at a certain point, you don't need any more things and instead want something else.

And with that, I say: if anyone in my family is reading my blog this week, please stop! Secrets will be revealed!

Bear with me: there is a story here. Now, back to gift-making. Because my parents are forever imploring, "Don't get us anything, save your money!" it's tough to think of ideas for gifts for them. Because if you can't buy, or you know they don't really want you to buy, what can you do? Well, with my newfound sewing skills, I came up with an idea. We've had this antique (well, old) red quilt in our family for as long as I can remember, and it's seen picnics, days at the beach, overnight "camping" in the backyard. My sister and I both have special memories of it, and I'm hoping my parents do too. As it's aged, it's become yellowed and stained and ripped, and in general in sad shape. As a way to save it, and the memories it holds, I decided to make Christmas stockings for my parents from it.

There were very few good parts (I mean, hardly any of it was usable) of this quilt left, so I had to use a different fabric on the back. I actually like the effect.

Aren't the fabrics perfect for Christmas? I'm so excited for Mom and Dad to open this gift on Christmas—and really hope they find it as special as I did when making it.


Leigh said...

What a great idea! I love that you re-purposed it into something that will last for generations!!

Ms. Bake-it said...

I love it! What a fabulous idea to make stockings from a cherished quilt. It looks great! I am sure your parents will love them!

~ Tracy

René said...

This is the best idea *ever*! They are going to love it Casey! I think you have channeled your inner Martha :)


Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

That's a really thoughtful gift idea. I am sure you're parents will love it!

Fran said...

Casey, this is such a thoughtful and meaningful gift!! This is what the season is all about!

Kate said...

Great idea -- I like that it is personal and special to your family but also, through upcycling, good for the earth. I think parents could do this with beloved children's clothing or blanket -- I know in our house a piece of clothing or baby blanket can take on sentimental meaning it would be a meaningful way to preserve the memory.