have you found your style?

A while back, Nicole from Sketch 42 presented a challenge to define your style formula. It was a busy time, and I never participated, but I've been thinking about it since! I really wanted to sum up my personal style and what I love in putting any room together.

A little modern country
house beautiful

Some architectural detail and tradition
Anne Hepfer

Plenty of texture and color
Southern Living

A whole lot of light-filled and airy
house and home

Have you thought about what you love in putting a room together?


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

What's tough for me is the editing. There is so much I love that I want it all, which can end up being a hot mess. Top of my list is color, something vintage, and beautiful lighting!

René said...

Casey, I have always loved your style and you summarized it so well. All of those images are filled with things that are collected over time and not dated. In ten years, they will still look great. Love that! Enjoy your weekend!


Karen said...

Not being able to completely define my style is getting in the way of completing the main rooms in my house. I've tried a number of looks in the last year and a half but just can't seem to find a happy medium. Maybe what I need to do is put together my thoughts like you just did and figure it out before spending any more time and $$$.

Sketch42 said...

Glad you enjoyed the little exercise and I must say- I love your style!

Unknown said...

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Cathy said...

My mom was always into cottages and bungalows so I grew up loving their charm. Love your blog. You have amazing ideas. :)

I always love something natural in a room - woods, cottons, burlaps. Always gives a more soothing, simple feel.

Cathy (The Schanck Method)