neutrals vs. color showdown in the living room

So no sooner do I start painting my credenza in the living room this deep teal blue (and I really love the color—it looks rich and deep and dramatic) than I start reconsidering. Do I really want color in this room? What about my love of neutrals and how I always seem drawn to them, especially in living rooms? Is this color too bold? Would I not be happier with a room like this?


via splendid willow 

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Something tells me this is just mid-project jitters. You know, that feeling you get as you're working on the project that the room is not right—because it isn't! It's a mess, with paint cans scattered, old bedsheets covering the floor, and all those elements that will complete the room (the important finishing touches) still missing.

Still, what is it about this public space that keeps me reserved and cautious as to color? I haven't been afraid of color in the bedroom or in my office. So, why does it seem so daring to bring it in here? I don't have an answer. I am pushing ahead with color in this room, on a foundation piece even!, and we will see where it ends up. I tell myself it's just paint and it can always be changed. Can bold color on a foundation piece still live in a mostly neutral room? Or will I love this room even more livened up with more colors, in chairs, pillows, draperies, rug? Stay tuned, and we will find out together!


joanne said...

Being a "color" girl...I LOVE color everywhere! From my Chinese red living room to my two purple sofas in my parlor! I love neutrals as well but with that being said you can splash that up with color too and much simplier to change out if the mood strikes. So as for your credenza...go for it! See how you like it while you live with a you's just paint! ROCK ON!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Try the color! Once you get your living room finished, it will all fall into place!

Fran said...

Go for out it Casey!! They'll probably be a lesson learned in here somewhere that you can add to your design experience! BTW, I love the color!! But, like you said, you can always change it if it doesn't end up working. I always say the same thing when I get my'll always grow back! And, it does!! :)

Karen said...

If you're like me, neutrals seems to have a calming effect when you're in the room. I used to have a lot of color in the room and it just didn't seem right. Maybe you can live with the color for a while, it's only paint after all, and see if it's for you or not.