a little boost of color confidence

I'm feeling reassured about my blue credenza after seeing this image of the Greenwich Hotel in NYC.

To balance out the bold, it looks like I'll need lots of white, lots of light, and some washed-out wood tones. That I can definitely do! If your color confidence is wavering, it really helps to see an image that illustrates what you're trying to achieve.

I also have always loved this image from One King's Lane but have just recently noticed it's got my color.

So it looks like that blue green looks amazing with kelly green and fuschia too. Love it. Courage restored! And so the painting recommences. I really want to be done with this soon because I still have to move on to the bigger job of the wall color!


Layers and Layers said...

it's a beautiful colour ..

Julie said...

I really do love that color.

Ashley said...

The door featured on One Kings Lane always makes me smile! Hope to see your credenza soon!

P.S. I just painted a thrifted sideboard this week in a fresh grass green, check it out:http://meetmeinphiladelphia.blogspot.com/2011/02/sideboard-project-part-2-after.html

Fran said...

Love the OKL Door and think it's a perfect color. I love it when you find a picture that really encompasses your inspiration and alleviates your fears. I think it's going to beautiful and can't wait to see it!

René said...

Yes, your credenza will be stunning - no doubts.