danika brings me a gorgeous shiny thing

Okay, well it's not really shiny at all. But yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Danika of the blog Gorgeous Shiny Things and she brought me this gorgeous fabric!

I have long been wanting this fabric and I have some real plans. Cannot wait to get started.

And here we are together. I crack myself up because I look like I'm holding onto my new fabric for dear life. Danika was so sweet, and her son is totally adorable. Too bad he was feeling under the weather and really was not happy to be dragged along to a shopping trip!

We met at West Elm because it convenient but also to shop and browse. I am loving all their new spring stuff. I seriously wanted it all every time my eye landed on something new.

Loving the colors of this quilted bedding. It really gets me in the mood for warmer days and nights.

Just want to climb into this bed. Paisley and all the block prints are making me happy right now.

The butterfly and floral shower curtain that has an Anthro feel, and there are lots of great bath accessories. If I was decorating a bathroom right now, this would be my first stop.

Adorable little tufted linen settee. Affordable too.

Love the shape and finish of this lamp base.

Super heavy solid wood candle stands. Love the simple forms and the light wood grain.

So many of West Elm's displays use rustic wood pallets, and you know I love that!

So it was a fun little outing yesterday. If any of you are in the Boston area too, let me know and we will have to meet up as well! And if you haven't been to Danika's blog, you must go. I am seriously blown away by her talent and in awe of every one of her diy paint projects.


René said...

What a fun day! Wish we lived closer Casey. I have never been to her blog - will have to check it out.

Julie said...

exciting! I just bought some of that Celerie from The Designer's Attic!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Rene, we DO need to live closer. Someday we'll meet! Julie, that's awesome. I love that fabric and was so bummed I missed it on DA then thrilled to find Danika was selling it. Cannot wait to get sewing...

LindsB said...

So jealous you snagged this from Danika- I have been lusting for some of that fabric for ever now! If you have any left over pieces big enough for a pillow I would LOVE to snag it from you :)

Nice to meet another Massachusetts blogger, I keep "meeting" new ones everyday- I had no idea there were so many of us out there!!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Lindsey, isn't that fab amazing?! I'll definitely keep you posted if I don't end up using it all. Hope we can all do a meetup soon--though I know you have more pressing engagements on your calendar right now. Congrats!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

I'm really loving West Elm! Great product, great price!

Bargain Hoot said...

I LOVE that fab something terrible :0 Does it come in green?

Thank you for commenting on my G-A.
and for the West Elm Tour. I've always wanted to visit, but don't live close to one.

the other Rene

designchic said...

What a fun day...love the fabric!!

Samantha said...

Love West Elm. They seem to be diversifying their style a bit - not so modern and blocky.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Hi Casey, found you via Danika. You have a lovely blog :)