dream guest suite for my upstairs

Don't ask me why I'm working on a floor plan for my third floor guest bedroom right now. It must be because I have about 8 other unfinished projects around here and just cannot resist biting off more than I can chew! Anyway, I had a friend stay over this weekend, and I have also been thinking about renting the space out to make a little extra money since it sits empty 11 months out of the year.

I would love to see this space be so much more than it is now, which is two chopped up, claustrophobic rooms with little light and little storage. The ceilings all along the right and left of the space slope down quite low on the walls too. It truly is attic space/under the eaves up here. And while it's cozy and as cute as can be, it does need a lot of basic work to get it to my standards: filling cracks, fixing window leak, painting walls, painting stairs, laying runner, replacing carpet, etc. So if I'm going to repair, why not go all out? If I suddenly won the lottery, I would turn my upstairs into this.

This space, small as it is, would work so much better as a large guest room suite. I'd like to remove the wall separating the rooms (the column must stay), both entry doors to the rooms, and the single closet. Now, when you walk up the stairs, the space would be open and airy with:

{1} Three skylights or dormer windows (the blue boxes)—an absolute must for creating a wide-open-feeling space.
{2} A half wall at the top of the stairs. The wall on the room side will be a bookcase.
{3} Two deep closets partially under the eaves with pretty French doors.
{4} A deep window seat between the closets, under the eaves.
{5} Queen bed snuggled into the nook created from the old closet. I'd hang maybe a high shelf and install some wall lights as a headboard and to create some atmosphere.

I had so much fun dreaming up what I'd love up here. Now it's just another project to add to my list, when I get some time and get rich!

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Southwest Cottage Designs said...

I like it! That looks like a cozy plan to me, and your guests will love it. Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

I love your ideas and I'm sure your guests would, too!

designchic said...

I love a project, and this one looks wonderful. Thrilled to find your blog!!

René said...

This sounds great! I love little rooms tucked into an attic space. The architecture is always so interesting and I think the perfect space for a guest.