tuesday tip: care for your closets

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Is there anything better than opening a closet door and instead of being afraid of things falling out and crushing you, being impressed and delighted by the contents? It's such a lovely, pretty surprise when you can do that, and that's just what I plan to accomplish with a client's guest bedroom closet by showing it a little love. Here's the plan: Bring in decorative elements and lots of storage to make this a space that works and shines. And some great ways to do it:

{1} Wallpaper
{2} Paint
{3} Baskets
{4} Trays
{5} Fabric-covered Boxes
{6} Hooks

And that's about all you need to improve the look and function of a neglected closet space. Oh, and a few hours of work. Care for your closets—and they will reward you with sparkling good looks and striking efficiency. Go to it!


René said...

I wish you would come down here and care for my closets :) Sadly, this has been on my to do list for too long. Wallpaper would be wonderful!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

You are so right. Organization has been on my mind lately as well. Love this closet!

Fran said...

So right!! Hooks are a lifesaver when you have limited storage space and tiny closets. In our hallway closet, we have 4 hooks and they are jammed packed w/stuff! :)

designchic said...

Dreaming of closets so organized...

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I really should use baskets to corral my purses. Right now they are sitting on a shelf, in total disarray. That's a great idea I might just have to implement.