tuesday tip: fabric over the bed

When my sister first decided to do her girls' rooms over, I suggested bringing in some fun, interesting, bold fabrics and using them as headboards in place of traditional beds.

It made sense because the rooms were small and plain and boxy, without decorative elements like moldings and trims, and lacking focal points. Maddy's mattress was on a metal frame and needed a headboard of some sort. Olivia's iron bed was perfect for draping a fabric canopy behind because the fabric would still be visible and eye-catching behind the thin iron scrollwork.

I love the idea of using canopies and draped fabric as headboards. For all the reasons below, they have a huge impact in plain rooms that really need to be punched up. Here's all a fabric over the bed can do.

Add character and architecture with a structured canopy.


coastal living

Add a sense of enclosure and coziness.

house beautiful

Add pattern and color.

homes and gardens

Add softness to a small boxy room.

phillip gorrivan design

Create a focal point.

southern accents

What do you think? Have you draped a fabric behind a bed as a headboard? Would you?


Rhonda said...

Just discovered your blog!! I love everything I see! Looking forward to digging in and prowling around!! I am a brand new blogger...I hope you will drop by my blog sometime! I am your newest follower!


Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Love the idea of a fabric headboard and if you get tired of the fabric it's a quick change!

Unknown said...

I love it! I've been toying with the idea of doing this in my daughter's room in the house we just bought. Yay for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of that!!! See, I won't hang any pictures over our bed - for the earthquake reason but fabric, well yes!!! On a curtain rod (we all have extras of these, don't we??) Hmm (thinking out loud) what about 1 curtain panel with a pretty print draped over... oh yeah - thanks!

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I love this idea - I think it's perfect for a kids room!