hardworking weekend

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I wish I could say I spent a leisurely weekend hanging out with my feet up, book in hand and drink nearby. But it was a hardworking weekend.

First of all the stairs are done (but for touchups!) and they look amazing. Can't wait to show you all the full story with befores and afters tomorrow. Then between yardwork in my garden {I mulched, moved things around, weeded like crazy, and got my veggie seedlings in} and doing some major landscaping at Michaels' house {yes, I know I haven't told you about the new man in my life but since he is a carpenter and incredibly hardworking and helpful, and we like each other a whole lot and have been spending lots of time together, you will be hearing a lot about him I'm sure}, we were busy and exhausted each and every day.

By the way, for his shade garden we bought beautiful mountain laurel, hostas, and bleeding hearts for a front bed along the stone wall and some juniper and euonymus for foundation plantings.

mountain laurel in bloom

Anyway, now that the major hard work is done, I'm really looking forwad to enjoying the fruits of our labor. That means lots of relaxing, dining al fresco, and general laziness of summer.

welcome summer! i want to spend it here!

How was your long weekend? Tiring but productive, or perfectly kicked back?


Fran said...

Casey, sounds like an amazing weekend - so productive!! I can't wait to see your stairs and I can't wait to hear more about the new man!!

René said...

This is exciting on many levels! I laughed when you said that you could hardly move today. I feel your pain :) My hamstrings are screaming. Oh well, we will be happy now that our yards are summer ready.

The Vintique Object said...

So good to know what you chose for your shade garden and I'm interested to hear about the new man? Carpenter? Lucky YOU!
Beautiful images, as always. I pinned one!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

A decorator and a carpenter in love???
Sounds like a match made in heaven :)

Sarah said...

Michael? Gah!! Can't wait to hear more about him...congrats;) So excited that you like how the stairway came out...looking forward to seeing the pics. I envy you that you know about landscaping too...I'm clueless!