dining and decorating in providence

This weekend, a few of us blogger girls got together at Carrie's gorgeous fixer-in-progress house in Providence for a little decorating talk and dining and...shopping, of course. My idea of a great way to spend a Sunday!

sorry for the picture of the back of your head, Sarah! why oh why didn't we get a good pic of the three of us?

Carrie is behind the blog Hazardous Design and this beautiful bath (even more stunning, dare I say, in person). Have you seen it?

Back in April I had a little party and raffled off a one-hour design consultation, with Carrie the lucky winner. Sarah, of the blog Pewter + Sage, was at the party too, and all three of us had a hard time ending our night, so it made sense to continue the business and decor talk. At Carrie's house, she's working on her family room, and because she knows what she's looking for and already had some key pieces chosen, we made a quick plan. Over the next few months, we'll work on it, and she and I will keep you all posted on the progress. I think it'll be fun to watch the collaboration and see how the room takes shape over the weeks.

Well, after a house tour and more decor talk, we headed off to lunch at the most charming bistro, Red Stripe, near Carrie's house in Wayland Square. Um, first of all, I want to move to this neighborhood, and second, I want to eat and hang out here at least once a week. So cool!

The design obsession never ends. We were all enamored with the fabulous tile floors. How delicious is that pattern?

After an incredible lunch, we shopped a bit around the corner. Comina had my favorite rugs of all...

beautiful dinnerware from Arte Italica

these colorful recycled glass pendants from Cisco Brothers...

and an adorable super deep and curved settee I was dying to sink into.

At Butterfield, I think I wanted everything. Hello, beautiful John Robshaw and Thomas Paul pillows.

And hi, chunky glossy blue mirror. I feel a DIY project coming on to recreate you in my home.

These birds were stately yet fun. I could find lots of places for them.

I wanted these signs. You can create your own? Love when you can personalize and make it special.

And I wanted every single one of these John Derian trays. Every one.

Finally, we headed to the antiques mall and scoured the place for finds. Carrie was the lucky winner again, taking home a cool, oversized honest Abe for just 25 bucks. We took him around the house to see where he fit best. Check out Carrie's post to see how great he's going to look in her dining room.

By the way, Sarah and I both vote for keeping the wallpaper. Yeah, it's old, but it has a sort of block printy Les Indiennes sort of look. Tres chic.

All in all, an awesome get-together of like-minded girls, and we're already planning visit number 3!


Rashon Carraway said...

You ladies look like you had a great time. A few new blogs for me to check out as well.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Unknown said...

Lucky you to have some fun "blogger friends" in the area, sounds like a great outing!

Cathy @ Room Rx

Ashley said...

WOW! Looks like there were many beautiful things on your shopping trip. Glad to hear you ladies had fun!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Looks like it was a fun and successful trip! Love the tile and curved settee!

~ Tracy

René said...

How fun! Yes I know and love that bathroom - it is gorgeous! Would love to come shop there.

Holly Gruszka said...

New reader coming over from Strictly Simple Style. What a fun little get together - looked like you had a great time.

Karen said...

Sounds like such a fun day. I love Carrie's blog! I really need to find a few friends who share my love of decorating as much as you ladies.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Casey! I had such a blast with you and Sarah on Sunday and am so happy you made the trip. I'll be forever grateful for the advice you gave me for my family room. It is going to look amazing once I finally get around to incorporating the changes.
Oh, and Abe said to say "hello".

Splendid Willow said...

Oh what fun! Thank you for taking us along! Sounds like you girls had a blast!

I have a few blog friends who I hook up with on a regular basis - and it makes blogging so much more meaningful & personal.

I look forward to following your family room collaboration!



Sarah said...

Hi, Casey! I had so much fun on Sunday, thanks again!! Great write-up. I'm actually psyched about that first photo, my hair looks pretty decent from the back:) Kinda feeling like a loser that I don't know all those designer names right off the bat like you do...but I have told you you're my hero like that;) Still trying to practice saying "escutcheons" correctly! Can't wait to get together again, you guys definitely gave me some much needed inspiration and drive to get going on some things around here. I'll try and post my pics soon. Have a good rest of the week:)

designchic said...

My perfect way to spend the day...looks a great one!!

The Vintique Object said...

Well, I am awfully jealous that you live in close proximity to other design bloggers with similar tastes! Looks like you all had so much fun -- and I bet it was great to talk the talk in person too!