living large in a small backyard

I love small spaces that are smartly designed, and outdoor spaces are no exception. I'm blown away by the clever, beautiful, efficient design of this miniature backyard, filled with pool, tree and boxwood landscaping, ledge-like deck, and brick patio. If you ever thought your backyard was too small for a pool, this design is here to prove you wrong. Actually, with the fountains, I'm not sure if this pool is just a water feature or for real swimming, but does it matter? It's stunning! Even if it's just for looks, you could certainly dip your feet in and walk around. Needless to say, I would love to be in this very spot this weekend, including with candles and wine ;-) And will be envisioning my backyard quite differently now. Watch out!


Karena said...

Casey I adore this image. I can picture it, just as you say relaxing with a glass of wine and good company as well.


Art by Karena

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Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I've been trying to convince Chris we could fit an inground pool in our backyard.
This post might just do the trick :)

Rob D. - Zodega said...

Wow! This small backyard looks cool. So calming and peaceful.