structure in the garden

I spent lots to time in the garden this weekend, trying to get things looking good after a few weeks of neglect! That meant lots of mulch and lots of pulling weeds. I also added some more stones to our pea gravel drive and thought I should have bought more to start making a path in our side yard. This got me thinking about how important the big stuff and the hardscaping is in the garden—the large tree, the beds and boxes, stone walls and paths, whether simple or ornate, in creating definition and bringing structure.

wendi young

I need more of this in my yard. It's like the furniture defining a path through a room. My yard still could use some structure to feel really complete. And I need some inspiration to get me there...



melanie acevedo

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fine gardening

gilberto elkis paisagismo


The thing about gardens is they usually take years of hard, hard work to mature and come into their own. But when they finally do, and feel full and defined and comfortable, it's priceless having these outdoor rooms to enjoy year long.


Holly Gruszka said...

We've been neglecting our back yard for a few weeks now too, but it's just been so hot and humid. I'm hoping we get some more rain and can get in there to do some work. Ours isn't that big but it's amazing what some work will do when all said and done.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I finally spent a few minutes over the weekend yanking some weeds, but I really need to dedicate a full day to it and to spreading more mulch. I like that you said that a garden can take years to mature, it makes me feel better about the current state of mine :)

designchic said...

I love a beautiful, manicured yard, and wish I had blooms all year round. Gorgeous images!!

Landbohaven said...

Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
Hvor har du en smuk have.
Tak for kigget.

René said...

You are so right - hard work pays of, but it takes many years. Just think of how your hard work from last year has paid off.