from the idea book: garden & exteriors

In the old days, before blogs and before Pinterest, I had a good old-fashioned three-ring binder I called my idea book. It was into this book, into individual sheet protectors, that I'd put all the inspiration images I'd ripped from magazines. It was everything I loved, and by now it's years old, but as I was looking through the images the other day I felt many of them still spoke to me. It seems my style has evolved but not really changed much. I am still drawn to much of what appealed to me years ago.

But now that I do have this blog as a record of my inspirations, and now that Pinterest, the virtual pinboard, has come along and become an obsession (I want to pin everything! From everywhere on the web! I could pin for days!) I got the idea to save and share my idea book right here and on Pinterest. {By the way, you can follow me on Pinterest! It's fun/awe-inspiring/addictive. Just don't say I didn't warn you ;-) If you need an invite, email me!}

So over the next few weeks, I'll be scanning and scanning and sharing. I hope you will find inspiration, let me know if you ripped these images out of magazines in the past too...and pin away!


The Vintique Object said...

Two things are evident here: you are more motivated AND organized than me. I briefly considered doing the same so I could get rid of my (considerably messier) binder of tear sheets. However, I am far too lazy for that! Hoping I come across some of the same images you have torn, Casey! Looking forward to seeing what you've got.

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

Just followed you on pinterest! I actually have to set a timer for myself when I'm on it or I would literally spend hours pinning! My husband thinks I've lost my mind!

Look forward to seeing your tear sheets!

Take care,

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Casey - this was so nice to read - I used to do the same thing - I have binders full of years and years of magazine collections... I really should move over to Pinterest.... I just haven't had the time.... loving all of your inspirational photos. Keep it up!

Amy Meier said...

I still have binders with tear sheets in plastic sleeves! Yes, a little old school, but I know that if my computer crashes...I still have them :) Something satisfying about that!
Amy Meier

Victoria said...

I love this idea of sharing your clips from your idea book. How fun! I love Pinterest too.

René said...

You have such a timeless style Casey. I can see why these images still speak to you. I'll have to stay tuned to your images on pinterest.