thinking about the kitchen part 6

One of the trickiest things about this kitchen is its layout. We're going to have fun trying to figure out where to place everything in this crazy space with stuff getting in the way: three doorways, a basement door, radiators, and exposed steam pipes and gas lines. Hey, it's an old house. Back in the days, this was probably a very different, bare-bones kitchen.

Here's the existing kitchen, and the major issues:
{1} Wasted space in the closet/hiddne chimney behind the range.
{2} No storage. No counter space. Bad diy slate countertop.
{3} Wasted space behind cabinet on sink wall. Kitchen wall L's back instead of continuing straight to allow a long row of cabinets/counter/uppers.
{4} Small openings. Room feels closed off.
{5} Rectangular table is too boxy/difficult to walk around in small space.

What it looks like now is this, taking it from the top, at the outside entry.

And the plan means adding lots of cabinets and some adding/removing of walls. Good times!

Here's the plan with lots of solutions to current problems:
{1} Take out wall behind the range. Expose the brick chimney. Move the refrigerator to this wall and build out custom floor-to-ceiling cabinet next to it.
{2} Add lots of cabinetry and a new counter. Along the newly open wall where the fridge was, install shallow floor-to-ceiling cabinets for dry goods/wine/etc.
{3} Take out the previously open space behind cabinet on sink wall by building out wall to continue straight line along sink cabinets. Behind new wall, in the now empty deep, narrow space, build out linen cabinet, easily accessible just outside bathroom.
{4} Widen opening to the living room.
{5} Replace current table with long built-in bench (which incidentally will cover radiators) and round table with just two chairs.

And now, the visual inspiration! {Warning: you've seen these pics before, but hopefully now you'll see them in a new way because you can see how they might make sense in the space.)

via pinterest

For the wall next to the entry, shallow storage with closed cabinets below and open above. Also makes a nice landing space to put keys and get organized as you come in the door.

style at home

Idea for the new sink/range wall (minus the fridge).

southern living

How to treat the fridge. Imagine a brick chimney on the left of it and perhaps more shelving on the right.

via aubrey & lindsey

And a built-in bench with round table. Is it all making sense? What are your thoughts/suggestions? And is this all achievable on our own? It's not too much work to get to this dream kitchen, right?!


Meg said...

Casey - I love the new plan, especially the part about exposing the old brick chimney! I think the space will be so much more functional.
Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Giulia Doyle said...

Love all of it! that narrow cabinet for wine and drop off area will be great. Love round table with bench and the chimney is going to be awesome.

The Vintique Object said...

Oh wow, Casey! I can't decide if I like the wall of storage near the entry best or the genius idea to build a bench over the radiator and put a round table there. (That will be SO cozy in the winter!)

Will you keep the wood feel of the fridge surround? If so, love that too. It looks like you'll have some counter space next to the fridge too? I'd say that's critical for getting out all of items needed for lunch making and the like.

Amy Meier said...

Awesome inspiration pics! Love that you are going to expose the old chimney.

Holly Gruszka said...

I'm so glad you showed us the floor plan and how you're going to alter the existing layout. My immediate thought about your table situation was a built in bench/banquette too. And I love the idea of exposing the chimney that will be awesome. I also like adding those cabinets to the entry wall I think you'll really like that and have a lot of use for cabinets/counters there. Will you be doing all of the demo yourselves?

Erica @ Decorica said...

Love the bench with the table & chairs.

Jennifer @ Timeless Interiors said...

I like your new kitchen plan. Only thing I would consider is adding a wall slightly more then the depth of the base cabinets between the kitchen and living room (this would decrease the width of this opening, but it looks like you have room). This would give you that much more space for cabinets (maybe a good place for a dishwasher) and block the view of the end of the cabinets from the living room (not a good view).

Fran said...

Wow, Casey - you've really thought this through. I love the idea of the exposed brick, storage cabinets along the entry wall and the banquette! You've really solved how to maximize your limited space!! I can't wait to follow you guys as you go through this major renovation!!

René said...

Yes to the exposed brick! I so wish we had done this too. Love your storage and seating ideas. Would love to have that beautiful display of wine!

Unknown said...

This looks awesome and I am loving the idea of exposing the chimney. Your inspiration shots are beautiful and I'm sure the end result will be perfect. Can't wait to follow along this journey!