an organized pantry

Well, the weather tried to sidetrack me from my organizing mania, but it turns out that you don't need heat or hot water or electricity to get lots of stuff done around the house!

I got done everything I wanted to, starting with the kitchen. I'm pretty happy with the organized pantry. Noting fancy here, just baskets to group like items together, the toaster oven tucked away in there (seems to have enough clearance and not get too hot, but I would not leave unattended), and a rail with hooks for shopping bags and my insulated lunch bag.

Would love to do this up a bit more with wallpaper or at least a different paint color on the back wall, but with a new kitchen hopefully on the way this winter this is a good temporary fix that will keep me sane! Stay tuned for more tomorrow: we still have the medicine cabinet, the office credenza, and the bedroom closet left to go!


Holly Gruszka said...

Looks good to me! Pretty baskets can really do wonders. Thankfully we have a cabinet to hide our toaster oven as well, and I'm obsessive about putting it away when we're not using it (my husband not so much).

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I hope your heat is back - it's too cold to go without. I love the way the pantry turned out!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

So where do you hide your junk food?

casey at loft and cottage said...

Haha! Yup, we have junk food. It's hiding in a big basket that sits on top of the fridge--making it just a little bit much harder to reach ;-)

The Vintique Object said...

Organizing can do a world of good for you, can't it? So jealous of your pantry -- but also can't wait to see your new kitchen.
Hope you got your heat and gas back on. That snowstorm sounded crazy!

My Many Moments said...

Girl, you have me motivated to organize. Thank you! Can't wait to see your kitchen!